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LEVEL is a modular outdoor sofa designed by Scandinavian brand HOUE. Create the sofa you need for your outdoor life.

The lightweight structure and the soft cushions make this furniture comfortable and warm. The atmosphere is relaxed so you can sit back and enjoy your day.
LEVEL is a collection made up of several modules designed to adapt to your spaces. Each of the LEVEL elements can be used alone, but together they will let themselves be composed.

LEVEL does not fear the rain. We do not recommend leaving cushions outside in winter. But they will spend the other 3 seasons without any problem. Padded and soft (the cushions are removable), the specifically developed fabric is resistant to water and UV. A strap secures the cushions to the structure of the module. These items are guaranteed 2 years. The fabric is designed specifically to be outdoor, 100% polyester waterproof and water repellent, enjoying a fast drying. Colors of the cushions: dark gray.

The frame is made of welded aluminum and thermo-lacquered with anti-corrosion treatment. This furniture, robust and protected, resists rust and to bad weather.


Our SUNBRELLA fabrics are OEKO-TEX® and GREEN- GUARD certified, water repellent, stain resistant and easy to maintain.

The Heritage fabrics are made of 50% recycled acrylic, 47% acrylic and 3% polyester. Colorful fibres from the re- cycling process of the material may appear in the weave and the fabric color can vary slightly from one batch to another. This creates a unique fabric with a natural look.

The Natté fabric is made of 100% acrylic.

The Basic fabric is water repellent and stain resistant and made of 100% polyester.

Coffee table
Add a touch of nature to your furniture. The LEVEL table in bamboo reveals the veins of its wood to bring freshness to the terrace.
This coffee table can be used alone or with other modules of the LEVEL collection.

Ottoman module
Whether alone or combined with other sofa parts, the ottoman module is durable and useful in outdoor environments.
Whether it is used as a pouf or a meridian, this module remains soft and comfortable. The simplicity of its lines allows it to creep everywhere.

Corner modules
To make an armchair or a sofa outside, these corner modules will be perfect.
Only, they allow a soft and comfortable seat. With many, you can easily create practical and fun sofas. It is possible to combine them with the other parts of the LEVEL collection to a maximum of possibilities.

HOUE items are designed to stay outdoors all year round.
They are not afraid of bad weather or harsh winters.
2 years warranty

  • - Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
  • - SUNBRELLA: 100% acrylic, water-repellent and stain-proof.


The growth of bamboo is very fast – the species that we use for furniture grow more than 1 meter within 24 hours! Bamboo replants itself easily. New bamboo shoots will spread from the roots.

Bamboo releases more oxygen than any other plants, actually 35% more than ordinary woods. This is due to the fast growth. Bamboo also recycles large amounts of CO2. Bamboo can absorb 30% CO2 and release more than 35% oxygen, so choosing bamboo as material means contributing positively to CO2 evolution. In addition to being, a very fast-growing plant, bamboo is a very strong and hard material and stronger than traditional woods. Bamboo is very stable and is affected only very little by humidity.

The bamboo on HOUE CLICK collection is treated with a special impregnatio, which is drawn into the bamboo. To keep the bamboo nice, it is necessary to treat it on a regularly base with oil suitable for bamboo. We recommend you to, oil the bamboo parts before taking the furniture into use, and again after approx. 4 weeks, then as needed (3 – 4 times a year)

About HOUE

HOUE - Ry, Denmark

HOUE, when luxury becomes accessible to everyone

Founded in 2007 by the designers Jesper K THOMSEN and Henrik PEDERSEN, HOUE is a Danish design company offering a collection of quality outdoor furniture, while remaining affordable to the greatest number.

The renown of HOUE furniture is based today on the diversity of skills of its two creators. Jesper K. THOMSEN draws his inspiration from everyday life, which enables him to create various product ranges, from furniture, to lighting. His partner Henrik PEDERSEN, on the other hand, attaches a great importance to the combination of materials and colors to create a universe faithful to the fundamentals of Nordic design.

This is why each product, carefully designed in their Danish factories, aims to meet a real need: to offer a range of furniture that is at the same time affordable, and meets the high demands of Nordic design.

Each curve of their product is carefully thought out by the many developers of the brand to ensure a work of irreproachable quality.

On My-Deco-Shop, you will have the opportunity, among other things, to discover a wide range of HOUE furniture, with the collection of CLICK SYSTEM chairs, which offers you irreproachable comfort, even without using cushions, through the round tables CIRCLE, or the ECLIPSE oval garden tables.

Their design, of high quality, is characterized by the use of noble materials such as wood. Playing with the vintage and minimalist codes of Nordic design, HOUE furniture is designed to stay outdoors all year round, while being very easy to maintain.

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