HARTÔ is a French publishing house offering clever design furniture and high quality.

Since 2012, HARTÔ has been a French furniture publisher who offers collections of furniture and decorative objects designed by design, novice or confirmed talents, all over the world. Collections HARTÔ: Rejoice and useful furniture, carved for everyday life.

By highlighting a simple and affirmed line drawing, Hartô shares above all a vision of simplicity and authenticity through fresh and contemporary proposals.

A HARTÔ furniture is the attraction of the beautiful, a character furniture with irreproachable finishes. Expression furniture designed to last, in style like quality. Furniture on who count.
The taste for detail, beauty and sometimes surprise,
the search for harmony, elegance of simplicity,
the scientist mixture of talent and technique
Are all values that have been animate since its creation all the employees of the Hartô House.

The HARTÔ Furniture Collections are subtly distinguished and takes place apart in our homes: Finely worked furniture, simple shapes, clean lines and without superfluous ornament.
In our vision of furniture, the detail makes full meaning in the design of the furniture.
Versatile, attractive and functional, the HARTÔ furniture is known and recognized for harmonizing with other aesthetics, to beautify any interior smoothly and bring a touch of unexpected.

HARTÔ furniture enjoy a design that makes them talk about sincerity and sensitivity. They give a real elegant landmark in the habitat. Furniture that stands out, know how to move and invite us to contemplation ...
Marius, Gaston, Gabin, Carmen and so many others ... Discover the collections of HARTÔ House.

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  • HARTO - Lyon, France

    Hartô is a French publishing house proposing design furniture, astute and affordable.

    The adventure of Hartô will begin in 2010 by the will of Alexandre Mulliez to specialize himself in the distribution of furniture on the Internet through its company Harto Design. It is in 2012, with the arrival of Amandine Merle, that Hartô will take a new turning point by changing its name and opening its creative pole.

    The two co-founders will then appeal to a trio of young designers: Pierre-François Dubois, Julien Phedyaeff and Pauline Gilain to design, together, a range of furniture that is both design, affordable and accessible to all. The identity of the brand will then base itself on three main axes: creation, manufacturing and marketing. With an artisanal production in the heart of its DNA, the brand makes a point of honor to offer high-quality products, whose quality is perceived from the very first glance. Each product is indeed very functional and astute. Thus, Hartô furniture always conceals hidden features, whether we talk about a folding tablet or an additional storage. Each furniture being available in various finishes, whether it is its material or its color, succumb without further delay for the diversity of Hartô products offered on My-deco-shop!