Cushion collection of the brand SOFTLINE

Add without further delay a touch of gaiety to your interior decoration as well as your outside one!

Responding to a real need for comfort and contemporaneity, the SOFTLINE cushion collection has been designed to bring a real colorful touch to your home. SOFTLINE offers you the possibility to choose, from a multitude of choices, the fabric and the color of your cushion. Its Scandinavian, sober and warm design makes this SOFTLINE cushion collection a valuable addition to your everyday life, allowing you to relax yourself at any time of the day or work comfortably in your workplace! The SOFTLINE cushions blend harmoniously with all the brand's ranges. On My-Deco-Shop, discover without further delay the must-see SOFTLINE cushions, that have made the brand a true reference in the design industry! Other inspirations of the brand SOFTLINE : convertible sofa, chair - armchair, ottoman, coffee table

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  • SOFTLINE - Maribo, Denmark

    Founded in 1979 in Denmark, the SOFTLINE brand currently offers a complete range of innovative furniture, with a top-of-the-range, contemporary and colorful style.

    SOFTLINE has become, over the years, a must-see international brand by finding the perfect combination between top-of-the-range design and functionality. The diversity of its furniture, in terms of materials, shapes or colors, has allowed it to update the trends of Scandinavian design and to be distributed today throughout the world. From its inception, the SOFTLINE brand has quickly collaborated with renowned designers such as Kurt BRANDT, BUSK + HERTZOG or Karim RASHID to design, together, a complete furniture collection: from the sofa bed to the sofa, armchair or ottoman, passing through the table, the cushion or the chair, the SOFTLINE range offers you a great modularity in its use and an irreproachable comfort. Responding to a real need, the SOFTLINE furniture, available in several configurations, will undoubtedly appeal your imagination! Their geometric shapes will indeed allow you to customize, according to your desires, your interior or exterior decoration. My-Deco-Shop invites you, without further delay, to discover the unmissable of the SOFTLINE brand.