Scandinavian luminaires: For an unavoidable timeless style!

Impossible to resist the charm of a Scandinavian luminaire! A Scandinavian-style lamp stands out from other luminaries thanks to its Nordic inspirations which combine high quality materials and a design that goes through the ages.

Scandinavian luminaires display a modern and elegant design that perfectly fits any room in the house to bring them all the expected personality! The success of Scandinavian lighting is due, among other things, to the diversity of materials used: metal, leather, steel, wood... Scandinavian lamps also offer a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes... Enough to delight the tastes and desires of each one of us!

We appreciate in particular the sober, minimalist and refined lines of these luminaires, which know how to give this little plus to your interior and exterior decoration. By diffusing a soft and soothing light, the Scandinavian light gives off serenity in the rooms, the interior ambiences then take on their full dimension.

You will have understood, My Deco Shop offers you the opportunity to discover the varied and unavoidable works of many internationally renowned brands. Discover the best of Nordic lighting without further delay:

- The BENSHEE metal table lamp, designed by the German designer Jannis ELLENBERGER. You will appreciate in particular its trendy and elegant metallic design, which will perfectly fit into your interior decoration! To discover in the table lamp range.

- The LADDER LIGHT leather scale, designed by the M-S-D-S studio. Composed of 3 aluminum bars, its LED lighting allows you to diffuse a warm lighting in your interior decoration.

- The metal suspension lamp STONE, designed by the Danish designer Philip BRO. This lamp stands out with its timeless design, inspired by the natural elements that surround us (water, stone...). To discover in the suspension range.

- The STITCH swivel wall lamp, designed by the Swedish designer Mattias STAHLBOM, will allow you to adjust the angle of its frame, and thus obtaining the best source of light for your interior. Note, however, that this wall lamp can also be used as an outdoor luminaire! To discover in the wall lamp range.

- The MANANA steel floor lamp, designed by the designer Marie-Louise GUSTAFSSON. Its original and offbeat design will seduce most of you, since it represents with beauty a feminine silhouette, leaning against your wall. To discover in the floor lamp range.

- The collection of HEAVY LIGHT ceiling lamps, designed by designer Benjamin HUBERT is entirely handmade. Light and airy, we appreciate, in particular, its purified design and its warm light.

Our collection of Scandinavian lighting is very diversified! It's up to you to choose the luminaire that best suits your interior and exterior decorations! Also note that our Nordic design luminaries perfectly fit with our selection of Scandinavian furniture and decorations, also available on My-Deco-Shop.

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  • DECODE LONDON - London, United Kingdom

    English industrial designer

    Rooted in East London, Decode is a dynamic British Design Brand with defining principles of Innovation, Expression and Quality.

    DECODE was created in 2007 to produce a collection of designer and modern lighting in collaboration with emerging designers based in London.

  • TOM ROSSAU - Copenhagen, Denmark

    Like every child, it was through games such as LEGO, that Tom ROSSAU was able, from his earliest childhood, to give free rein to his imagination.

    Passionate about motorcycle, Tom ROSSAU, a renowned Danish self-taught designer, started his career by opening a leather clothing store and workshop.

    In search of a luminaire for his store, it is finally in 2004 that he will orient himself in the design of natural wood luminaires. "This is very representative of my point of view in most areas of my life - if I can do it, I prefer to do it rather than buy it." - Tom ROSSAU Faithful to the Scandinavian design traditions, each luminaire is handmade, thus guaranteeing you a unique and irreproachable quality. We particularly appreciate the unique and sculptural shapes of these luminaires, which bring a true lightness to your interior decoration. The year 2006 marks a real turning point for the brand, thanks to its TR7 table lamp, which won the public's prize at the Copenhagen exhibition. An immediate success that will allow the brand to spread outside the borders of Denmark. Thanks to My-deco-shop, create your cocoon without further delay with the warm and spectacular lights of the Tom ROSSAU designs.

  • WOUD - Horsens, Denmark

    WOUD, Nordic brand with a timeless design

    It's in 2014 that Mia and Torben KOED HANSEN decide to embark on a new challenge: to create their own brand of high quality, steeped in the tradition of Nordic design.

    Their philosophy is therefor to offer durable, functional and innovative furniture, with high-end design.

    This is the beginning of WOUD. This young Danish brand today offers high quality, design and functional furniture and lighting for your home or workplace.

    The goal is that you, final users, have a real love at first sight for their products. Indeed, the brand is committed to remaining faithful to the fundamentals of Nordic design, offering innovative and functional models in various colors and textiles. It is up to you to choose, according to your tastes, the materials and colors that will best match your decoration!

    " We believe timeless design can express personalities, evoke feelings, inspire people and create beautiful homes"- WOUD

    Since the creation of the brand, WOUD has collaborated with many international designers. Its range is thus very varied, since each designer brings his personal touch to his designs, while respecting the heritage of Scandinavian design.

    From now on, on My Deco Shop, you will find a complete range of WOUD furniture, from the side table, to the metal shelf, to table lamps with a very elegant design ... each of these furniture will enhance with beauty your home, as well as your workplace.

  • HAY - Horsens, Denmark

    HAY was founded in 2002 with the ambition to create contemporary furniture that uses sophisticated industrial manufacturing to satisfy the needs of modern living. Today, this fundamental goal remains our mission: through our commitment to the design and production of furniture, lighting and accessories with an international appeal, we strive to make good design accessible to the largest possible audience.

    Inspired by the stable structures of architecture and the dynamics of fashion, HAY combines the values of both industries in durable, quality products that provide added value for the user. HAY’s continued vision is to create straightforward, functional and aesthetic design in cooperation with some of the world’s most talented, curious and courageous designers. This results in many fruitful collaborations.