Scandinavian interior furniture, the Nordic and timeless design by excellence

Looking for Scandinavian furniture to perfect your interior decoration? My-Deco-Shop has THE solutions! We have selected for you Nordic furniture, objects and decorations with a design, modern and timeless style!

But then, what best characterizes the Scandinavian design and makes it so trendy today? Born in the 1930s, the Nordic movement makes a point of honor to offer noble products, of quality, with minimalist and refined lines. Scandinavian furniture are especially recognized for their aesthetic, original and functional side.

My-Deco-Shop gives you access to the unavoidable brands of Nordic design : HAY Design, SOFTLINE, WOUD, HOUE or even STRING. Our selection is made for you, it will know how to fill all your desires design: armchair, sofa couch, library, high table, TV stand, trestle, hook, coat hanger

Give another dimension to your interior decoration with, among others:

- FUTON of the convertible sofa range for adults NEST, thought to be practical and functional. Transform it in a few seconds in a spare bed, or, conversely, in an armchair. Its materials ensure you a maximum comfort, in addition to being offered in various colors, all cooler than the others.

- The STRING SYSTEM modular storage system of the shelf range seduces due to its unlimited modularity and minimalist structure! This Scandinavian style furniture is revolutionary, very simple to carry, and even more practical to cast on! Each piece can be combined with others, allowing you to change, to infinity, the layout of your shelf. It will as well fit into your living room, your bedroom or even your office...

- BLANCO of the design console range, designed by Leonhard PFEIFER, will undoubtedly seduce many of you by its timeless elegance. This Nordic furniture has been designed to be both decorative, but also practical.

- VIRKA of the Scandinavian dresser and drawer range, has been designed with sliding doors to store your everyday objects with ease! Its flat surface allows you to store many objects, whether small, or more voluminous. This furniture will easily find its place in support of your television in your living room!

- LOOP, designed by the HAY brand, seduces with its elegant and minimalist design. Available in several finishes, LOOP can be used as a side table or high table. It will know how to marry perfectly with a chair or a stool of our selection!

Our catalog also includes a large choice of Swedish furniture:living room table, coffee table, ottoman, bench… Whatever your need is, our furniture will add singularity to your interior spaces! Find without further delay your happiness on My-Deco-Shop!

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