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    By on 10/05/2018 (Paris - France)

    Title : Comment from Mina V.
    Comment : Excellent service and contact.

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    By on 26/01/2019 (Paris - France)

    Title : Comment from Julien L.
    Comment : Perfect, any point of view. Extremely satisfied

    Translated from French
    By on 29/01/2019 (Riom - France)

    Title : Comment from Christine B.
    Comment : impeccable customer service, very kind. Quality products.

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    By on 28/04/2018 (Paris - France)

    Title : Comment from Alice G.
    Comment : Excellent service from start to finish. Perfect delivery and pro and friendly delivery men. The big highlight: the possibility of contacting the quality manager, Denise Jung, who is incredibly available, who helps you in your choices concerning the model as well as the fabrics. In case of problems, she is your contact person.

    Translated from French
    By on 26/01/2019 (Tokyo - Japan)

    Title : Comment from Ushin N.
    Comment : Especially satisfied with the speed and flexibility of delivery despite my irregular request from Japan. Quality and design of the products are excellent.

    By on 27/01/2019 (Thun - Switzerland)

    Title : Comment from Manuela K.
    Comment : I am very happy and satisfied with my MAGS sofa. thank you:)

    Translated from French
    By on 26/01/2019 (Saint Didier Au. - France)

    Title : Comment from Didier G.
    Comment : Delivery of the product in the given period. Everything was perfect.

    Translated from French


A layer of feathers, which is 3 cm thickness, is added on the top of the seating and in the backrest for MAGS SOFT.

The design philosophy behind the sofa MAGS is that a sofa must have a simple design because it is visually dominant. Choose one of the combinations proposed below. You can also opt to add any module to personnalize your own sofa. Because Mags is composed of modular units of different length as well as a corner, chaiselong and lounge module it can be designed to fit any room and need.

With down on top the soft version of Mags has an extra soft appearance and comfort.

MAGS Sofa is very popular, because it's a very comfortable sofa (in the purest Nordic tradition, HAY is a recognized market leader). The low height of the armrests and of the backrest is also an important asset. MAGS does not overload the environment in which it fits perfectly.

Even the smallest spaces are suitable to this sofa that does not clutter your visual space, while remaining very generous. Many modules and options allow you to build your custom sofa.


The high arm rests and deep seat make MAGS ideal for relaxation. Its firm composition with no detachable cushions make it flexible because cushions and blankets can be moved around according to preference.

On one hand a sofa has to be a comfortable place to sit. On the other hand it needs good design, which is dependent on the proportions. Simple designs demands perfection in every detail. Because MAGS is composed of modular units of different length as well as a corner and chaiselongue module it can be designed to fit any room and need. Large button decor is optional.


Seat : Springs system, cold cure - high quality foam, 25/32 kg + feathers (3 cm)

Back: Super soft polyether foam 19 kg + feathers (3 cm)
Frame in high quality pine wood.

Dimensions :

Total height : 68 cm.
Seat height : 40/42 cm. Standard seat depth : 74 cm.
The backrest and the armrests : 23 cm width
Height for the backrest and the armrests, from the ground : 68 cm
Height for the backrest and the armrests, from the seat : 28 cm

CA-MO leathers: a guarantee of quality, a guarantee of durability.

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