Mural secretary : Gaston by Hartô, oak veneer and leather tongues

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Gaston is a fonctional and sleek mural secretary desk. Its four drawers and its folding tablet allow to have a surface of work and storage in a small space.

It can become integrated easily into any classic or contemporary inside.
This secretary desk is designed in MDF with a oak veneer and a natural matt varnish which revives the color of the wood.
The visible veins of the wood offer a graphic aspect at the object. The drawers, chosen in pastel colors, give colors at the secretary desk.
The use of noble materials as the leather or the brass make this a functional and elegant secretary desk.

Width: 60 cm
Depth: 32 cm
Height: 72 cm
Small drawers: 5,5 x 28 x 20 cm
Big drawer: 11 x 56 x 20 cm
Weight: 20 kg

The smart detail : GASTON has a pass-cable in the back to slide the electric cords of your lamps, telephones or computers.

Further information:

Table top in MDF veneered oak finish natural matt lacquer and matt lacquer, leather tabs. Fixed to the wall with 4 screws and 4 dowels.

Lemon yellow, light grey :
1 large drawer : RAL 7035
2 small drawers : RAL 1016

Strawberry red, light grey :
1 large drawer : RAL 7035
2 small drawers : RAL 3018

Slate grey, light grey :
1 large drawer : RAL 7035
2 small drawers : RAL 7016

Pastel green, white :
1 large drawer : RAL 9016
2 small drawers : RAL 6019

Powder pink, brushed copper :
1 large drawer : brushed cooper POLYREY PURE METAL 142
2 small drawers : RAL 3022

Petrol blue, brushed bronze :
1 large drawer : brushed bronze POLYREY PURE METAL 141
2 small drawers : RAL 5020


HARTO - Lyon, France

HARTÔ is a French publishing house offering design, clever and high quality furniture.
Since 2012, HARTÔ is a French furniture publisher that offers collections of furniture and decorative objects designed by design talents, novices or confirmed, all over the world. The hartô collections: cheerful and useful furniture, cut for everyday life.

By highlighting a simple design with soft and assertive lines, HARTÔ shares above all a vision of simplicity and authenticity through fresh and contemporary proposals.

A HARTÔ piece of furniture is the attraction of beauty, a piece of furniture of character with impeccable finishes. Furniture of expression designed to last, in style as well as quality. Furniture to rely on.
The taste for detail, beauty and sometimes surprise, the search for harmony, elegance and simplicity, the clever mix of talent and technique are all values that have animated all the collaborators and partners of the HARTÔ house since its creation.

The HARTÔ furniture collections are subtly distinguished and take a special place in our homes: finely crafted furniture, with simple shapes, clean lines and no superfluous ornament.
In our vision of furniture, detail makes full sense in furniture design.
Versatile, attractive and functional, HARTÔ furniture is known and recognized for harmonizing with other aesthetics, to embellish any interior smoothly and bring a touch of the unexpected.

HARTÔ furniture benefits from a design that makes people talk about them with sincerity and sensitivity. They give a real elegant landmark in the habitat. Furniture that stands out, knows how to move us and invites us to contemplation...
Marius, Gaston, Gabin, Carmen and so many others... Discover the collections of Maison HARTÔ.


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