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STRING POCKET can be used alone or as an accessory to the full shelving system. Everything can be combined. It's up to you to create your own system, and to personalize it as you wish.

STRING® POCKET can be used alone or as an accessory to the full shelving system. Everything can be combined. It's up to you to create your own system, and to personalize it as you wish.


When NILS STRINNING creates STRING® in 1949, he managed something, that very few architects or designers have made. He created an icon.

STRING® was an instant success, and became one of best shelving system. Over sixty years later, STRING® is more popular than ever. So what’s the secret? From the very first sketch, STRINNING designed a shelf that could take on many different looks.

Painstaking attention to detail: he created a system where each piece could be combined with others, in almost endless permutations.

STRING® is not just a shelf, but a furniture that can be infinitely varied. Anyone can customize its own STRING®. It can be big or small. It works as well in the kitchen or in the bathroom, in the library or in the lounge.

And because STRING® has the rare distinction of being an affordable piece of designer furniture, it’s easy to be inventive and playful. All components are manufactured in SWEDEN. The basics haven’t changed since 1949, so it’s never too late to add new elements and give your STRING® a different look.



STRING modular shelves, Scandinavian and timeless design.

Founded in 1949 by the famous Swedish architect Nils STRINNING, the STRING brand today offers a wide range of furniture, drawing its inspiration from the Scandinavian design.

It was by participating in a design contest organized by the Swedish publisher Bonniers FOLKBIBLIOTEK that the brand had its first huge success with its String Shelf: a revolutionary piece of furniture due to its minimalist structure, unlimited modularity and timeless design.

From the String System modular storage system to the stylish String Pocket or String Furniture shelf, the complete range is indeed very easy to carry and even more convenient to mount! Lightweight, practical and customizable, these pieces of furniture will, without any doubt, allow your imagination to run free!

You can choose from a wide range of options and colors to create, according to your desires, your personalized furniture, perfectly adapted to your needs. Each piece of furniture blends into any interior decor, whether it’s in a kitchen, living room or library. The high stability of these shelves allows you to store any object on the different sets of shelves offered.

Unchanged since the creation of the brand, the timeless design of the String Furniture products also allows you, in addition to this, to combine old shelves with more recent shelves of the brand. My Deco Shop invites you to discover, without further delay, the products that have made this brand a must-see in Swedish design.

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    Title : Comment from Antoine C.
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