PLIS : a 2 or 3 seater sofa, a deep conviviality

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With its folded backrest and deep arched seat, the PLIS sofa allows you to rest, and to relax, while providing a deep feeling of comfort and conviviality.

For its conception, STINE AAS was inspired by sweet curves and soothing contours of the human body. There is an organic marriage between sofa and the body, for a softer and more intimate connection.

Available in two and three places version, the discreet epoxy lacquered steel structure gives the sofa elegantly worked on reassuring timelessness.
A choice of Kvadrat fabrics, signature of extreme quality, carefully folded in each corner, underline its unique character.

Dimensions (2 seats): 150 x 88 x 72 cm - (W x D x H)
Seat height: 40 cm
Seat depth: 66 cm

Dimensions (3 seats): 220 x 88 x 72 cm - (W x D x H)
Seat height: 40 cm
Seat depth: 66 cm

  • - Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years


NORTHERN - Oslo, Norway

NORTHERN: natural materials and genuine craftsmanship.

Picture the North. Rugged landscapes and clear blue waters, dramatic horizons reflected in breath-taking fjords. A place filled with talent and imagination, always ready to inspire new ideas in design.

It’s where creative expression meets traditional craft, and where pale beauty is coupled with rough-cut contrasts. Inspirations such as these are sparking new directions for design.

The NORTHERN brand was born in the studios of NORTHERN LIGHTING, where a team of creatives has been illuminating lives since 2005. We combine beauty with functionality, and prefer natural materials and genuine craftsmanship.

NORTHERN’s debut collection translates simplicity at its best level. Selection of the best wood qualities, beautiful colour associations with strong silhouettes, are fully compatible with our scandinavian values. While subtle geometries and classic sensibilities add an elegant touch. We see the interior as a flexible, creative space, and make multifunctional products that are unified in style, as well as in spirit.

Our creative reach goes beyond our Norwegian heritage to meet the modern need for laid-back luxury. NORTHERN’s designs can energise and inspire, create a relaxing mood, or set the scene for a soothing inspiration. Designed with the potential to make any setting unique, NORTHERN’s products add atmosphere as they reveal a new vision for Nordic style.


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Technical information - documentation

Suitable for use in a professional environment
  • - Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
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