TREE dining table, 3 dimensions, natural symbolism, lightness and roundness.

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The tabletop has "airplane wing" type edges which accentuate the feeling of lightness of the whole.

The shapes - round or oval - invite to conviviality and to spend sweet moments with family or friends.
The thickness of the tabletop is 22 mm and they are covered with FENIX.
The FENIX coating, used for the tabletop of this superb table is very opaque, soft to the touch and anti-fingerprint. It is extremely resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acidic solvents and household active ingredients.
The colors, beige and black, can be applied both on the top and on the legs, thus reinforcing the feeling of unity of these tables.

The TREE collection is made in Denmark.

They are perfect for meeting your needs in both the residential and professional worlds.
The new TREE range includes 3 colors and 3 dimensions.

The legs, ramifying like the branches of a tree, brings to the TREE dining table a sleek and graphic design. Each leg is made of two steel tubes rising first side by side, before their path separates, to support the tabletop in several places. Elizabeth Hertzfeld created a tree motif, inspired by the lightness of the trees, creating soft and inspiring curved structures.

Ø 90 x H 74 cm (Ø 35.4 x H 29.1 ”) or
Ø 120 x H 74 cm (Ø 47.4 x H 29.1 ”) or
L 220 x W 90 x H 74 cm (L 86.6 x W 35.4 x H 29.1 ”)

About WOUD

WOUD - Horsens, Denmark

WOUD, Nordic brand with a timeless design

It's in 2014 that Mia and Torben KOED HANSEN decide to embark on a new challenge: to create their own brand of high quality, steeped in the tradition of Nordic design.

Their philosophy is therefor to offer durable, functional and innovative furniture, with high-end design.

This is the beginning of WOUD. This young Danish brand today offers high quality, design and functional furniture and lighting for your home or workplace.

The goal is that you, final users, have a real love at first sight for their products. Indeed, the brand is committed to remaining faithful to the fundamentals of Nordic design, offering innovative and functional models in various colors and textiles. It is up to you to choose, according to your tastes, the materials and colors that will best match your decoration!

" We believe timeless design can express personalities, evoke feelings, inspire people and create beautiful homes"- WOUD

Since the creation of the brand, WOUD has collaborated with many international designers. Its range is thus very varied, since each designer brings his personal touch to his designs, while respecting the heritage of Scandinavian design.

From now on, on My Deco Shop, you will find a complete range of WOUD furniture, from the side table, to the metal shelf, to table lamps with a very elegant design ... each of these furniture will enhance with beauty your home, as well as your workplace.

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