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    By on 10/05/2018 - Translated from French

    Title : Comment from Fabienne R.
    Comment : Good product and free sample and product delivered in time

    By on 27/01/2019 - Translated from German

    Title : Comment from Stefanie F.
    Comment : The customer service is really good and we are totally satisfied with the sofa.


The challenge of the creation of HEE Chair was to create a simple chair, with the affordable price, modern and eco-friendly, with the pure style, which would have its place everywhere. HEE Chair puts good mood to us, it has a mischievous expression.

HEE was born from the ambition to create a chair favorable to the environment, where the materials are easily recyclable. Creating a chair for one single material, we avoid transport polluting between different production sites, and at the same time that facilitates the recycling of material.

The philosophy asserted during the creation of HEE Chairs range, was to choose an existing concept - here, the chair -, and perfecting it in every single detail by lifting the design up a level, simplifying it, and improving the usability. This is why HEE is stackable and is galvanized before varnishing. Thanks to this process, it is usable as much inside than in the open air.

The production was optimized in order to harmonize design and production, and to find exactly the right thickness of the metal wire. The chair is made from 11 mm metal wire, and the form refers to a sketch - a pencil drawing in three dimensions.

The HEE Chair comes as a Lounge Chair and a Dining Chair. It is among other places being used in the new Oslo Opera and the Australian Parliament.

  • - Depth: 50 cm
  • - Height: 78 cm
  • - Width: 58 cm
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