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Description :

NEST is a futon, Innovation Cup Award Winner! Futon has its origins in ancient Japan, where it guaranteed the fighting samurai a good night's sleep. The futon retains the same core values: correct ergonomics, great comfort and ventilation - everything for your body's well-being.

3 sizes are available:

LITTLE NEST for young children, from 0 to 7 years. 75 x 80 x 60 cm (w x d x h)

NIDO NEST is suitable for children and teenagers from 7 to 14 years. 90 x 95 x 75 cm (w x d x h)

NEST, the adult version. 110 x 120 x 85 cm (w x d x h)

It's really a pleasure to sit or lie with equal comfort. Lounge, living rooms, parents' room, children's place is everywhere. Assemble two NEST and you have a beautiful Futon 2.20 m in diameter!

Your NEST will be well protected with this extra cover. The healthy characteristics of the futon are now expressed in NEST - peace, comfort and warmth, through refreshing colours and materials, all combined to create this inviting and embracing lounge furniture.

Thickness of the mattress futon : 14 cm - 8 layers of recycled cotton.

Cover : 100% cotton

The padding provides buttons for maintaining efficient packing for better quality and sleeping comfort.

  • - Depth: 120 cm (folded)
  • - Height: 85 cm (folded)
  • - Length: 220 cm (opened)
  • - Mattress thickness: 14 cm
  • - Width: 110 cm (folded)
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Professional service :

Are you purchasing furniture on the behalf of a company (small or large) or an administration? or, are you an architect, decorator, or designer? A professional account with My-Deco-Shop allows you to benefit from our best pricing conditions, and gives you access to our reserved information (3D files, technical drawings, ...)

My-Deco-Shop offers a professional service, available from 9 am to 10 am (Time zone of Paris / France) 7 days a week, to advise and accompany you in all of your projects.

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