HIPPO, an armchair or a sofa, that turns into a comfortable extra futon bed in seconds

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HIPPO is a armchair, or a sofa, convertible, that has more than one trick up his sleeve!

Unfold it to make it a bed, retransform it in a few seconds as an armchair! A concept really handy! HIPPO is cleverly thought out, practical, beautiful and soft (8 layers of cotton inside a 100% cotton padding with buttons which ensure maximum comfort).

The colors are very pretty. This armchair contributes to create a fresh and alive interior.

Dimensions for the armchair:

90 x 95 cm (armchair position) and 90 x 200 cm (bed position)

Dimensions for the sofa:

140 x 95 cm (sofa position) and 140 x 200 cm (bed position)

It is truly a pleasure to be sitting or lying with much comfort. Child's room, living rooms, room parents, his place is everywhere. Assemble two HIPPO armchairs and you get a Futon bed from 180 cm x 200 cm.

It is easy to imagine all services that HIPPO can bring.
A friend stays sleeping? HIPPO becomes a comfortable futon bed!

Futon thickness: 25 cm

Envelop: 100% cotton

Upholstery buttons : to ensure effective maintenance of the envelop for a better quality of sleep and comfort.

An armchair designed to last - very comfortable - multi-functions.

About Karup


In 1972, KARUP DESIGN was founded in the Danish city of the same name, located in the north of the country. The main focus is and has always been to make room for more, in less space, through functional and elegant furniture.

All products can all be defined in just a few words by their properties and functions: the less it is more.

Multifunctionality is - and has always been - Karup's trademark. However, there is a type of furniture that has dominated our selection over the years: the futon.

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    By (Laxou - France)

    Title : Comment from Antoine C.
    Comment : Good product, delivery in the expected time. Very good.

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    Title : Comment from Martine J.
    Comment : Completely matches my order. Very fast delivery. Agreement with carrier to recover it to their deposit because I could not make myself available. Serious site to recommend.

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