HISLE, the art and the mastery of the light

For three decades, HISLE has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of exceptional lighting in France, combining skill and innovation.

Founded by Hervé Isle de Beauchaine and Marie de Foucauld, this family-owned business represents French excellence across the globe, highlighting four core values: simplicity, elegance, modernity and sustainability.

Design and manufacture in France
HISLE is committed to maintaining a high level of quality requirements, whether for materials, finishes, light or surface treatments. Since its beginnings, the company has positioned itself in the high-end segment and has controlled the production of its luminaires, from design to distribution.

Innovation & Development
Since 2008, HISLE has been a global pioneer in the field of wireless lighting and the creator of the famous LUXCIOLE. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and unrivalled performance, this table lamp with its discreet design is the result of constant monitoring of standards and technologies. Specialising in professional lighting, the company offers a variety of ranges, ranging from indoor to outdoor lighting.

Commitment & Sustainability
HISLE is constantly committed to sustainable development issues. As a family-owned PME, it has relied on a strong network of French subcontractors and suppliers for many years. Passing on its values and expertise to its employees is a priority for the company. From the selection of materials to the technologies developed, the luminaires are designed with sustainability in mind, with a fight against planned obsolescence that is an integral part of HISLE's philosophy.


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