The wireless firefly LUXCIOLE lamp, LED, table lamp for indoor or outdoor use - mobile, home deco and design

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The most powerful cordless LED lamps.

Fully compatible with all countries (all voltages), all regions of the globe.

Useful inside or outside, the firefly LUXCIOLE lamp is the immediate solution for all your lighting needs. It fits in table lamp, bedside, or extra office, even on a terrace: here is a lamp that is a discreet and that quickly becomes indispensable.

The most powerful cordless LED lamps:

LED 3 X 1.2 W for a power of 45 W: one firefly LUXCIOLE fits a table of 6 people, without glare. A simple touch on the touch switch to select between the four proposed intensities, depending on your needs.

The lamp design allows firefly LUXCIOLE nomadic keeping it running continuously on the sector: it will stay loaded, ready for use, when needed. Firefly LUXCIOLE is fully charged within 4 hours and has a automonie from 5 to 45 hours depending on the selected light intensity (LITHIUM-ion battery without memory effect).

The sleek design of the firefly LUXCIOLE was designed to respond effectively to all as much aesthetic constraints specific lighting. It is very stable, takes up very little space, can be used both outside and inside, and not afraid to shock.

French design and manufacture.

Material: aluminum.

Light source (provided): 3 x 1.2 W LED (low power consumption, 45W power value warm color (2600°K), illumination angle 160 °), 12V charger supplied with the lamp.

LED module: P3W / I 350mAh / U 9.6 V
Photometry 2600 ° K / CRI 97 / FLUX 215 Lm

Energy: lithium-ion battery without memory effect, 7,4V / 2600 mAh. Lifespan More than 1,000 charge cycles - replaceable battery.

Tactile switch, five light intensities.

Foot diameter: 8 cm
Autonomy: From 5 to 45 hours depending on the intensity chosen.
Full charge: 4 hours.

CE IP 31

Carry-in Warranty: 3 years for the lamp, 1 year for the battery

Option: power charger to charge 5 lamps simultaneously. (on demand)

Specificity of the LUXCIOLE lamp:
These high-end lamps have the ability to withstand continuous mains power without damage to the battery, thanks to a passive discharge related to electronic components (touch switch, card, PCB LED).

Its design is different from many conventional devices that must be disconnected after a full charge (eg mobile phones).

As a result, if the LUXCIOLE is not connected for 5 days, the battery will empty gradually (an unplugged lamp loses about 1 hour of autonomy per day). That's why we recommend to let it plug even when you're not using it, so you have maximum battery life when using it. The power consumption is less than 0.05 Euro cents for 6 days of permanent charge.

  • - Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years for the lamp, 1 year for the battery
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Technical information - documentation

  • - Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years for the lamp, 1 year for the battery
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