Secure payments

CB 3DSecure
Online payment totally secure via the 3D Secure Credit Card mode. This secure payment service is the best in terms of protection and privacy of payments on the internet: a second password known only to you validates the payment. Transactions are made directly from the secure interface of your bank. (You will find that the logo of your bank is displayed during the identification process).

CB 3DSecure - what is my identification code?
- LCL (Crédit Lyonnais): the customer must give a personal code (from 6 to 10 characters) chosen during the first use.
- Credit Mutuel: authenticate with its online banking identifier, then indicate one of the codes on his "personal key card" (a grid of 64 4-digit codes in which you must draw the code requested).
- Societe Generale [info], BNP Paribas, Axa Banque and Caisse d'Epargne: indicate the date of birth. (be careful not to reverse the numbers)
- Crédit Agricole: indicate a personal password, created when you first use the 3DS mode.
- BRED Banque Populaire: an authentication key Ip @ b, credit card format. (If your bank is not in the list, contact your bank branch - this 3DSecure initialization will be done only once.)
If you are paying for the first time via 3D Secure, and the authentication process fails, contact your bank branch, which will provide you with the identification code in your bank.

Payment by phone
It is now possible to pay for your purchases by contacting us by phone (+33 (0) 3 88 07 23 92) - In this case, you must give us your credit card number, its expiry date, and the name of the cardholder - Our privacy policy guarantees that the information transmitted during your payment transaction will not be retained. Thus, if you wish to reorder by this means, you will have to confirm us this information again. This service is available to users with any Visa, Mastercard or American Express (AMEX) card, who do not want their banking information to pass through the Internet. For other payment cards, please choose the usual Paypal® payment solution (secure secured transactions).

Bank transfer
If you wish, you can pay your order by bank transfer. The transfer is generally effective and validated very quickly. For people who are resistant to online payments, even very secure, it is often this solution that is retained.
An additional discount is granted when you choose to pay for your order through this method.

Confidentiality of payment data
Confidentiality is guaranteed: when you pay by credit card (via the Cybermut or Paypal® platform) MY-DECO-SHOP does not take any notice of your banking information - the confidentiality of the data is guaranteed by 3D Secure (you pay via the interface of YOUR bank) or by Paypal®. Paypal also offers a contractual guarantee that protects you for 6 months.
Free, these payment methods do not cost you anything. MY-DECO-SHOP pays the banking commission to these different organizations. If you pay in a currency other than Euros, the bank may charge you a foreign exchange fee.

You will receive a confirmation email in the minutes following your payment, containing the acknowledgment of payment. You can immediately check and track the progress of your order in the section "my account". All information and useful links are accessible from your account.


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