NORTHERN, designer of timeless luminaires

Founded in Oslo in 2005 by Jørgen SVENDGARD and Ove ROGNE, NORTHERN LIGHTING is a Norwegian brand specializing in the design and creation of light fixtures.

Their creations display a contemporary design that fits perfectly into the fundamentals of Scandinavian culture.

NORTHERN LIGHTING has the ambition to offer light fixtures with timeless design and create soft lighting, so as to create a soothing and pleasant atmosphere, whether in your living room or in your workplace!

"As Northern Lighting products illuminate interiors around the world, our commitment to quality, durability and design excellence travels with them." - NORTHERN LIGHTING

Enhance with elegance your interior decoration with NORTHERN LIGHTING's unmistakable lighting fixtures. You will appreciate in particular the contrast of materials and shapes of each light fixtures of the brand.

“We try to make sure we create good and lasting products for the world, delivered with a personal, passionate and intimate touch that is clear in all that we do and the way that we work. Smart, fun, Nordic are three important words for us. » - Interview with Ove ROGNE, CEO of NORTHERN LIGHTING for the Archiproducts website.

My-Deco-Shop invites you to discover, from now on, some unmissable references of the brand, with, among others, the BENDER floor lamp, with its very clean lines, or the SCHEISSE suspension, which perfectly sublimates the border between industrial design and contemporary art.

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  • NORTHERN-挪威奧斯陸


    NORTHERN LIGHTING由JørgenSVENDGARD和Ove ROGNE於2005年在奧斯陸創立,是一家挪威品牌,專門從事燈具的設計和製造。


    NORTHERN LIGHTING的雄心是為您的客廳或工作場所提供具有永恆設計的燈具並創造柔和的燈光,從而營造出舒緩宜人的氛圍!

    “隨著北方照明產品照亮世界各地的室內裝飾,我們對質量,耐用性和卓越設計的承諾也隨之而來。” -NORTHERN LIGHTING

    NORTHERN LIGHTING的無誤照明裝置可為您的室內裝飾增添優雅氣息。您將特別欣賞該品牌每個燈具的材料和形狀的對比。

    “我們努力確保為世界創造優質持久的產品,並以個性化,熱情和親密的方式交付,這在我們所做的一切工作和工作方式中都顯而易見。聰明,有趣,北歐是我們的三個重要詞彙。»-訪問Archiproducts網站的Ove ROGNE,NORTHERN LIGHTING的CEO。